Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day One - TH to Lower Boy Scout Lake

Today was cool!! After hitting the road up Whitney Portal, we parked the cars where the road was closed for the season and shuttled packs and people up to nearly Whitney Portal (8,365 ft.). The lead guide, Kurt (great name with the correct spelling), has a beater Toyota truck for that exact purpose.

We hiked nearly all day on alternating snow and trail at first and then all snow upto 9,900 ft. before donning our snowshoes. Lower Boy Scout Lake is at 10,300 ft. and the site of Camp 1. Kurt set a super mellow pace with lots of breaks. I had no complains!

The crew is a really nice group of folks but offer no threat of encroachment to the Boys of Aconcagua bond. They hail from Seattle (yes, another Microsoftie, well former), Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Wichita, Baltimore and Orlando. The two other guides are April and Karsten.

Pretty warn day with some clouds has now turned to windy and a little bit of snow, which nicely waited until we were tucked into out tents.

Tomorrow we move to our high camp, just below Iceberg Lake. Sounds cold. Hoping the wind dies down. Nothing like trying to set a tent at 12,300 ft. in high wind.

I'm already starting to feel high here in California,

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